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Want to know what the ideal co-worker looks like? Green, full of air purifying power, oxygen producing and super easy going of course! In case you hadn't noticed, we're talking about our green amigo's of course! Plants in the office are known to reduce stress and increase productivity. Marty, Dylan and Pedro will be your employees of the month. We guarantee it!

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Well, two reasons really. Plants produce more oxygen and increase the humidity levels somewhat which creates a very nice environment for you and your co-worker friends. You’ll notice that everyone all of a sudden starts making sensible decisions and there’s no more meaningless meetings. Ok we’re kidding! That would never happen but plants do really help increase productivity and reduce stress. Plants have a naturally calming effect on people and it really helps increase the quality of work! People have found that having plants around will make them more focused and more creative. It’s a great investment!

Well that depends on the size of your order and if you’ve given us any special instructions. We’ll typically be able to ship in two business days and we will reach out to you if we can’t make that happen due to the size of your order. As always, our plants will arrive in their specially designed boxes to ensure that they arrive safely and happily at their new office home!

Well…that’s a bummer of course. We’re here to help of course so drop us a note, email or send us a text so we can start figuring out what happened. Be mindful that plants are living products that are fragile and the occasional leaf or twig may break. In a few weeks you’ll have most plants back in great shape but if there’s more serious harm done we’ll promise to make it right of course.


Why office plants are needed

We are a huge fan of a more green office environment (duh!). Plants in and around the office are known to help maintain a good atmosphere! They create oxygen, remove harmful substances out of the air and are also very appealing to look at. From a business stand point, having plants around is simply a sound investment. Plants are knonw to have a real positive impact on productivity, creativity and the reduction of stress.

Increase productivity by 15 — 19% when you have plants as opposed to having no plants in the office.

Source Groningen University

Clues that plants help increase people's concentration and productivity.

Source Journal of Environmental Psychology

Plants decrease absenteeism

Source Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Interviews among employees has found that most (new) employees are more comfortable in an environment with plants than without. Employees also feel less stressed at work in a green environment.

Source Smith & Pitt

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